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Phoenix125's Pippi Server Mod List (PVP) In The Following Order

1-Pippi , 2-Pickup+ , 3-Level 250 Mod

Help Documents:
Pippi Guide 3rd Ed. (Daftly)
Pippi Guide 3rd Ed. Addendum (Daftly)

To Install Mods:
- In Steam, click "Conan Workshop" under the Conan Game, search for and "subscribe" to the mods above.
- Then start Conan, select MODS, select the above mods in order, and restart Conan.
- When joining game, you may have to select "Show Modded Servers" on top rt corner (Pippi mod does this for you)
Welcome to Phoenix125's Conan-Pippi PC PVP Server
Discord Server: Phoenix125

2x XP / Harvest
NO Drop on Death: Keep Your Items When You Die
Building decay is disabled *. No need to come back every week to keep your stuff.
Daily paydays when ONLINE only
Max level: 250 (with mod). Now you can attain all recipes and attribute points
Pickup+: You can pickup (almost) everything you've placed
Clan Max 5 Players
Everybody can loot corpse DISABLED
Teleport when encumbered allowed
Vanilla Server: I have not added any Glorbs, Warps, etc. at this time. (If interest is high, I may create adventures!)
Avatars limited to 30 seconds
Server restarts daily at 0300 EST. A Message will be posted on Discord when restarting.
Server created June 17, 2018. NO SERVER WIPES EVER unless requested by majority, although
* (I may enable a 3 month building decay if the world gets too crowded with abandoned buildings)
Hosted at my house in Eagle, MI USA
 (Subject to internet outages, but server is on Battery UPS and standby generator)
Server checks for updates using ConanExilesServerUtility every 15 minutes and will update if needed.
A 10 minute warning Message will be posted on Discord whenever server is restarting due to an update.
Server backs up every 6 hours
Friendly 40+ year-old admin that does not cheat. My character, Phoenix125, has normal priviledges:
I use my second account, Phoenix125er, for admin duties.

(Server PC is an i7 8700K 3.7 GHz, 32GB 3200 MHz RAM, NVMe SSD for OS, M.2 SATA for games, Liquid cooled)
Payday: 1 bronze daily while online. No offline pay.
- New players start with 2 Pippi Bronze. Great for building tiny starter base/cabin. See /kit
- Bronze is a TIME ONLY currency. The more you play, the more you are paid.
- Bronze can NOT be purchased or created.. only from paydays.
Purchases Available
(To list all kits, type /kit in the chat console)
* All kits come with a 10% chance of being free!

BRONZE (b) OPTIONS (Essentially, 1 Pippi Bronze = 1 game day)
 1b Warp Home
 2b Warp to Pippi Default Warps
15b Create Warp
(Cost , name , description) *Hint: All attribute kits become more valuable as you gain levels
FREE emotes  Learn all emotes
 4b  1ac     +1 Accuracy Attribute
 4b  1ag     +1 Agility Attribute
 4b  1en     +1 Encumbrance Attribute
 4b  1gr     +1 Grit Attribute
 4b  1st     +1 Strength Attribute
 4b  1vi     +1 Vitality Attribute
16b  1at     +1 to All Attributes (worth 24b)
 4b  1lv     +1 Level (No XP Given: You still have to earn equivalent XP before advancing further)
: (Cabins are great for spawning at remote site)
 1b  heal    Basic healing items (5 Ambrosia, 5 Healing Wraps, 5 Fish Strips)
 1b  cabin1  Supplies to Make a Stone 3x3 Cabin
12b  cabin3  3x3 Reinforced Stone Cabin Deluxe (Great secure starter base. 4 chests included!)
 2b  ch1     Chance Kit: Tools (Take a chance to get several possible tools!)
 2b  ch2     Chance Kit: Weapons (Take a chance to get several possible weapons!)
 2b  ch3     Chance Kit: Treasure (Take a chance to get several possible treasure items!)

Suggestions welcomed... FEEL FREE TO MAKE SUGGESTIONS on the Discord server!
Common Commands:
- Press [ENTER] to bring up chat / console command window
- All commands are entered in the chat window

/help 1 [/h 1]                    Displays pg1 of list of all commands
/help 2, etc.                     Displays pg2 (etc)  commands
/kit                              Opens a new window to view and purchase kits
/shout                            Shouts a message
/whisper [/w] <player> <message>  Whisper message to a player
/reply [/r] <message>             Reply to last received whisper
/sethome                          Sets your current location as your home
/home                             Teleports you to your home (costs 1b)
/list players                     Lists players online
/list warps                       List available warps
/warp <name>                      Teleports you to warp (costs 2b)
/warp create <name>               Create a warp (costs 15b)
/wallet                           Displays amount currently in your wallet
/pay <playername> <amount> <type> Pays player the amount and type from your wallet
/currency                         View details about currency settings
/roll                             Rolls the dice
/flip                             Flips a coin
/customize [or /customise]        Brings up the character editor for your character
/rules                            Lists the server rules
/convert silver                   Purchase one Pippi silver coin for 100 iron bars
Page last updated: 11/17/18
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